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Business internship in Lawrence

Student Business Analyst Program

A shot from above of the KU Innovation Center building where students obtain a business internship in Lawrence.

Our Mission at KU Innovation Park

Formed from a partnership between the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Kansas, KU Innovation Park’s mission is to create high-paying jobs in Lawrence and build a more resilient Kansas economy.

The Park can provide economic development through the support of innovative early-stage bioscience and technology companies and innovation-driven private industry firms and government agencies seeking better access to University research assets, resources, and talent.

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Working as a Business Analyst

The Park hires student business analysts on a rolling basis to complete a wide variety of projects that support the internal organization and companies located at the Park.

Because of the nature of startups and innovative research companies, the analyst program can take students from different backgrounds and fields of study.

A person sits at a desk while clicking on a laptop at the Bioscience and Technology Business Incubator in Lawrence, KS.

Analyst Program Objectives

Provide value to the Park and its client companies.

Analysts are critical members of the professional staff and provide hands-on business development and consulting services to support the Park’s resident companies and entrepreneurs.

Develop professional analyst skills through problem-solving and real-world experiences.

Analysts work closely with Park staff, company founders, and each other to solve complex and often challenging problems that materially affect real businesses. Analysts will have the opportunity to develop and utilize a variety of general business and consulting skills in a real-world setting while directly impacting the growth of the Park and its innovation-driven startups.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Business Analyst program enables KU students to provide business development and consulting services to the Park itself and the Park’s resident technology and bioscience startups and companies.

Analysts are given full responsibility for project deliverables that will have direct and tangible impacts on the Park and resident companies. Analysts work closely with Park staff, company founders, and each other to solve complex and challenging problems. Analysts should feel comfortable working independently under the guidance of the Park’s management team. Projects are varied, flexible, and typically ad hoc in nature, making them somewhat unpredictable.

Typical Analyst Program Projects:


Researching specific technical, legal, or strategic topics in great depth and drafting reports for internal and external stakeholders.

General research and analysis to support the day-to-day operations of The Park.

Assisting prospective tenants and startups by providing market assessments, building business plans, and evaluating commercialization strategies.

General Qualifications & Requirements

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