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Business Services

The corner of a meeting room with glass walls at the KU Innovation Park in Lawrence.


No matter the stage of your business, KU Innovation Park’s team is ready to help. Our comprehensive list of business services, ranging from market validation to social media strategy and everything in between, will position your company for success. Even if a service you need isn’t on our list, we can tap into our vast network to find a solution.

If you’re looking for stage-specific services, check out the options for early-stage and startup companies, growing companies and industry. And even if you’re not quite ready for space of your own, we’ve got virtual tenancy options, too.

Modern workspace and a professional staff await your business’ move into KU Innovation Park. Tap into the Park’s student business analysts who work closely with Park staff, company founders and each other to solve complex and challenging problems.

KU Innovation Park is private industry’s gateway to the University of Kansas. The Park can be your guide to quickly connect your company to the right resources and people at KU.