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Innovation has trust issues, but business can help

Each year, Edelman shares its trust barometer, a look at what entities society trusts (or doesn’t). And while innovation offers the next generation of prosperity and growth, it has a bit of a trust problem as we enter 2024.

  • By a nearly two-to-one margin, respondents believe innovation could be better managed, mainly because they see that scientific fields are under political pressure like never before.
  • However, people believe scientists are essential to society accepting innovation. Businesses are trusted to ensure these innovations are safe, understood and accessible.

Why it matters: It’s not all bad news, and entities can work toward restoring that trust in a few ways.

  • The role of business is vital to this work. “Business is the most trusted to introduce innovation to society, with an emphasis on partnering with government,” the report states.
  • To embrace change, people want to feel in control over how these new ideas affect their lives.
  • Innovation is more likely to be welcomed if people feel it will lead to a better future. Communication is vital to increasing transparency and explaining the positive impact.

Need guidance on communicating your company’s impact? KU Innovation Park can help.

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