Love Lifesciences announces reg CF offering for series of hybrid medical injection devices

Kansas medical device startup Love Lifesciences LLC recently announced the opening of its Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) capital raise to develop its injection safety devices. The offering is being conducted through the platform WeFunder. Reg CF offerings, outlined in Title III of the JOBS Act, enable private companies to raise funds via registered crowdfunding platforms from both accredited and nonaccredited investors. More information is available on Love Lifescience’s WeFunder Page. 

The company’s co-founders, CEO Nicholas Love and CTO Bradley Hopper, designed these novel injectable devices to address significant problems with existing devices, particularly non-adherence. “Non-adherence is one of the world’s most pressing healthcare concerns,” says Love, “but it is also one of the most easily preventable and solvable problems.” According to the company’s website, over 50% of patients prescribed an injectable medication will stop adhering to those medications just 6-months after starting them. Many of these therapies are life-saving and life-prolonging. Medication non-adherence leads to 10% of U.S. hospitalizations, 125,000 annual U.S. patient deaths, and costs in excess of $200B for the U.S. healthcare system.

With their single-use device, Love and Hopper hope to improve adherence by addressing common complaints about the painfulness of auto-injectors and the general fear and anxiety associated with needles and having to ‘stab’ oneself with traditional prefilled syringes to self-administer common medications, such as insulin. The single-use injection device will address these problems by combining the safety and ease of use provided by auto-injectors with the simplicity, low cost, and relative painlessness of prefilled syringes.

In addition to making injections safer and less painful, the company’s second device, a multi-use injection device, which the company describes as “the world’s first pill-box for injection medications,” will make it easier for patients to keep track of their medications and dosages. “Another serious issue many patients face with injection medications is that it is difficult to keep track of multiple medications and dosing schedules,” says Love, “Patients will often accidentally double up on doses or skip doses without realizing it, which not only reduces the effectiveness of their treatments but can result in dangerous and costly medical complications.” 

About Love Lifesciences LLC: Founded in 2021, Love Lifesciences is a biomedical startup developing a series of injection safety devices to lower costs, improve patient adherence and treatment outcomes, and reduce the medical error associated with injectable medications. Love Lifesciences has redesigned the injection experience, providing patients with complete injection control while limiting opportunities that will improve the patient experience when injection medications are required for care. Love Lifescience’s mission is to ensure all patients can receive the therapies they need to live and love life.