Innovating sustainable growth

Just over a decade ago in June, leaders from across the state celebrated the groundbreaking of a $10 million expansion of the Bioscience and Technology Business Center. That addition doubled the size of the main facility and set the stage for future growth.

Today, the BTBC is now KU Innovation Park, a growing district centered around innovation to create sustainable economic growth. And while many places work toward building that growth, a recent article shares the components needed to ensure success.

  • Research and development

This is a prominent cornerstone for communities of innovation. Universities or other research labs usually provide R&D. In the Park’s case, the University of Kansas is undoubtedly a primary driver. In 2023, research expenditures across KU’s campuses increased to over $368 million, capping nearly a decade of steady expansion.

  • Talent

Considering the Park was built upon the strengths of the University of Kansas, an excellent talent pool exists right across the street. Especially for bioscience, technology, engineering, and transportation, Park companies have a built-in talent pool with the expertise and experience needed in those industry clusters.

  • Physical space

As the Park grows, its facilities help create interactions and collaborations between researchers, industry partners, community leaders and entrepreneurs. And the Park’s physical footprint continues to grow as we work to fulfill our 2036 plan of 10 facilities on West Campus.

  • Government support

The Park’s founding group, including the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, The Chamber of Lawrence and the University of Kansas, created a solid foundation to build upon. This unique public-private partnership provides entrepreneurs and researchers with both space and resources to get companies off the ground.

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Park’s comprehensive support and business services provide a launching pad for local tech- and bioscience-based startups. And with a renewed focus on all kinds of entrepreneurship from local governments and additional support organizations, our region is primed to help boost and retain startups.

With exciting things on the horizon, like the development of The Crossing at KU and new facilities at the Park, the components are there for our community to experience sustainable economic growth for decades to come.

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